The new Infinite Blackjack guide

Gaming has a new game on the market. It is Infinite Blackjack, in the variant can play an unlimited number of players at one table. As with the common draw, everyone bets on the same hand, but through the interface you can do different steps.

With its new Infinit Blackjack, Evolution Gaming now rivals NetEnt’s Common Draw variant. Unlike the Swedish software manufacturer also offers side bets, as you know from various slots. In the following I would like to briefly introduce the idea of the slot.

The rules of Infinite Blackjack

The new game at  Blackjackphonebill  differs in the standard game rules barely from the other classic blackjack types. You play with eight decks of 52 cards each. First, dealer and player get two cards, then the player gets a second and the dealer a hidden card. The player’s cards are scanned and immediately removed from the table. For the respective player they are only displayed in digital form on the table but you can score higher winnings..

If the croupier has an ace, you can get insurance for half of the bet. It is checked immediately for blackjack. If the dealer has one, the round is over. As with American blackjack, no further bets are made on the dealer’s blackjack, which has a positive effect on the house edge for the player. The insurance is paid out at a profit of 2: 1.

After the first two cards you can double. You can share the same cards as well, with a split ace only one more card is issued. Divided leaves must not be doubled. A natural blackjack is paid as in the standard game 3: 2. The dealer must stop at every 17. This also applies to the Soft 17 (combination with ace). Incidentally, the game variant uses the “6-Card Charlie” rule. You win in this case immediately if you have a hand of 6 cards, which is worth 21 or less. Even if the dealer should reveal a blackjack. These rules result in a theoretical payout of 99.47% when playing for the optimal strategy.